Seasonal native Proteas – Florist selection

Florist selection of seasonal native proteas.  These beautiful flowers add an Australian accent to your gift from Cottesloe Florist.  Proteas are generally available over the Australian season September through December – they are usually out of stock at other times.  Availability of the different Protea varieties is seasonal – our experienced florists will select your gift of flowers from the most beautiful Proteas currently available.  Proteas are a long lasting flower and dry well giving your gift a long life span.   Cottesloe Florist have many other arrangements that may be  appropriate options for other times of the year.


Florist selection of seasonal native proteas.

Native flowers are often referred to as Australian native flowers.  Some of these do, in fact, have their origins in South Africa, having been brought to Australia and now grown here.

For more information regarding Australian native flowers, you can search via Google. Two specialist websites with detailed information include :
A complete guide to Australian natives
Guide to native flowers in Australia


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